Show Hope Grant


Today we received a letter from Show Hope informing us that we have been selected to receive one of their generous grants. We cannot express the appreciation in our hearts for this wonderful blessing. We have always supported Show Hope, especially through the ministries of LifeSpring Church, but this grant has blown us away.

Thank you to everyone who sacrificially supports Show Hope. You have been a blessing to our family and to our little girl. May God bless you all.



Final Order

Well, we are about to place our final T-shirt order. To be completely honest (Debbie Downer moment), this fund raiser hasn’t been as successful as we had initially hoped. We have held out placing our final order in the hope that we would sell a few more. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. So, while we apologize for the long delay between the initial order and this final order, please understand that it was for a purpose.

So, we will be placing our final order this week. If you haven’t ordered yet, here is a link to do so:

Thank you so much for your support.

Joel and Holly Davis

A Little Help from MJ


In a continuing effort to raise funds for our international adoption, my wife and I have decided to part with one of my treasured position: an Upper Deck Authenticated photo autographed by Michael Jordan.

Years ago when I was in college, there was nothing I enjoyed more than watching the Chicago Bulls dominate their opponents. It was my only pastime and I rarely missed a game. When I graduated college back in 1998, my parents bought me this autographed photo. I had not idea at the time that it would one day help me bring my little girl home.

Though I hate to let it go, I can’t wait to take hold of something much more precious. So, if you would like to own a little bit of history, stop by my friend’s eBay site and take a look.


Shirts are on the way!


As you can see, we got our sample shirts in on Monday. The quality of both the shirt and the print are great. The only regret is that there are no purple samples. That is about to change.

In order to go ahead and get the current shirt orders completed, both purple and grey, we had to go with the highest quality shirt they offer. The shirt we had previously selected was the highest quality they offered at the time. Since purple was not available, however, they moved on to another provider with a higher quality shirt. I’m not kidding when we say this shirt feels like a dream.

We had to pay a little more for the new brand, but we think our friends and family will be happy with the product. We look forward to shipping them out in the next few weeks. Thanks for your support and patience.

Garage Sale Setup

Holly and a few ladies have been hard at work setting up for our garage sale this weekend. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our church in their gifts, donations, and service. Our family is blessed to be part of such a loving church.

We would also like to thank Coca-Cola and Powerade for sponsoring…something…I guess. We wouldn’t have a scoreboard in our sanctuary without you!

The Problem with Purple

Well, it looks like there has been a run on purple t-shirts.

For whatever reason (Raven Super Bowl win, Mardi Gras celebrations, the beginning of the LSU baseball season, etc.), it appears that there is a shortage of purple t-shirts. I heard from the t-shirt shop this morning that there are no purple t-shirts available from the distributors. Period. They searched every brand and distributor. Every one is sold out.

The t-shirt shop assured me that they will check back daily with the distributors to see if they receive any more stock of purple shirts.

So, if you ordered a purple shirt, it appears that your wait will be a little longer than those desiring a grey shirt. Sorry about that.

If it makes you feel better, you can always blame Ray Lewis for obstruction of purple. I’m sure he won’t mind another obstruction charge.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Online T-Shirt Order Form

Our online order form is now up and running on  Wufoo.
The form can be found here: Orphan No More T-Shirt Order Form


Please understand that we will be ordering in bulk. As such, the orders will take some time.
We expect delivery on initial orders to arrive in late April.

If you attend Family of Faith in Baton Rouge or LifeSpring Church in Bellevue, Nebraska,  there will be no shipping costs. We are making arrangements to have these orders distributed at the respective churches.

Thank you for your continued support.